Monday, April 12

More Jewelry Fun

I tried my hand at a couple new jewelry techniques... a collagey decoupagey type pendant, and a sort of bead cluster necklace. I'll tell you one thing, I don't think I could've done it without my tiny fingers!

Wednesday, March 24

GaGa Sketches

I have an assignment right now to make two illustrations with the theme "Before and After". My first choice would be to carry through with these two sketches of Lady GaGa before and after, but I have a feeling my instructor, (Gary Taxali), will shoot it down like a lame duck.

They still need a lot of work, but I'm getting close to her likeness I think:

Saturday, February 20

For the Birds

A simple graphic piece I whipped up for a gift.

Monday, January 4

Artsy Fartsy Holiday Shots

These are some shots of some of the lovely objects and textures I found at my parents' place over the holidays. Plus our dog Maddie...

Sunday, December 13

Jewelry Creations

Some different jewelry techniques I've experimented with, all of which definitely need tweaking!

Saturday, December 5

Holiday Cards!

I've designed a couple fun Holiday cards. I'm selling them on Etsy if anyone's interested!

Wednesday, December 2

Lust Group Show

The Beverly Owens gallery, located at 1140 Queen St. W. Toronto, is holding an exciting group show centred around the theme of lust. It's the first in a series of shows inspired by the seven deadly sins. The show runs from Dec.3-Jan.3, and the reception is coming up this Saturday the 5th at 7pm. There are over 100 artists showing work, including me! It should be a sexy and stimulating show. Here is one of the pieces I did for the show: