Friday, February 1


These are just some pages from my sketchbook for the next Shadow installment. This painting is going to be underwater... the figure and some ominous jellyfish. I've been sketching aquatic items for years now, so I'm really excited to be using them in a finished piece. I'm having a lot of trouble with the colour scheme... but it's always hard to plan with pencil crayons because the colours are way too bright. Progress is slow, but it's coming!

The Birds

The Birds is the second piece in the Shadow Series. This painting sat half finished for over a month, but I finally completed it a couple weeks ago. The Shadow of course, is ever-looming, hovering around us, waiting to swoop in and entangle us.

The Twins

This is the first piece in my Shadow series. In my experience, the Shadow has been a paralyzing influence, at times rendering me as incapacitated as these twins.

Shadow Series

Before I began this blog I started a series of work inspired by Jung's Shadow archetype. Simply put, the Shadow is all the aspects of ourselves that yet remain unconscious. These elements are not necessarily negative, but either way, if they are not uncovered and integrated by the ego, they can manifest in damaging ways. For most people this means a distortion in perception and in thought patterns. All or nothing thinking, projection, focusing on the negative, and expecting failure are all example of such distortions.

Despite the fact that these habits are of no use to us, (in fact they play a major role in both anxiety and depression), we cannot seem to let them go. Our Shadows keep feeding us bad food and we swallow with little to no hesitation, largely unaware of how we are hurting ourselves. Because of the way we are taken in by the Shadow over and over, I began to see it as a seductive, entangling force. A lure with a hook.

In the artworks, I hope to capture this formidable force through images of ominous beauty. It's time for me to start revealing my Shadow.