Saturday, March 8

Honestly, Art is Hard

No blogs in over a month? Random chance? Coincidence? I think not. Here is the reality of me and art. It's the longest on again off again relationship in my life. Some would say it's flat out dysfuntional. Me and art, we've got the love-hate, co-dependant, fear of intimacy, lack of trust, based mostly on sex kind of thing going. Like a fuck buddy, I do art only when I feel like it or when I have something to gain. This leads me to wonder, is this love or merely infatuation? Can I take this to the next level or should I break up with art once and for all?
Since I had an interview at OCAD only two weeks ago, these are questions I'm going to have to face. Sure, art school will give me that concrete purpose I'm craving, (i.e. something to gain from making art), but what about when art shool is over? Then what? Will it be back to avoiding my sometimes lover, avoiding a real relationship with it?

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