Saturday, December 8

Bloc Print Stockings

Quite a while ago I bought a couple of kick ass shirts from my friend Sami. Upon inquiry she told me how she fashioned them using linoleum bloc prints. I thought to myself then, 'This is something I must do myself.' I finally made it after all this time.

My first design turned out to be jellyfish. I just sat down with my little linoleum block and my sharp little tools, and a couple of jellyfish just slid out. I've been watching a lot of ocean documentaries lately. Since I can't live under the sea myself, I must settle for ocean art.

Due to my obsession with stockings, I shockingly decided to print my jellyfishes onto a pair of stockings! They turned out alright. I used an oil based bloc paint for durability's sake. Oil paint doesn't mix well with impatience however. As you can see, there are some unsightly smudges on the leg to the left. I got a bit hasty and just had to try one on before it was completely dry. Lesson learned right?

I can't wait to make more hot stockings! Perhaps I will develop enough bloc printing skills to sell some tights on Etsy. I'll keep you posted!

If you want to see a pro in action, check out Sami's Etsy store at:

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