Thursday, December 13


We all know how fantastic zine culture is right? What a great way to fight the stagnation of culture brought on by large corporations and their ways of mass production. Recently a great group of people started up a zine in Guelph called Kazine. It has a lot to do with music because it's affiliated with Kazoo, a bi-weekly music show, (often featuring bands from the local label, Burnt Oak). Kazoo has gained enough esteem to frequent the e-bar, a classy place downtown Guelph which has seen the likes of Ohbijou, Born Ruffians, and Sarah Harmer. But Kazine covers more than music. It's got articles on local political and social issues, personal essays, poetry, and of course, art! I contributed a the piece pictured above to issue no. 4.

I'm very grateful that I had such an oppourtunity. It's these sorts of grass roots efforts that keep us all going. I definitely recommend that you check out Kazine. You can get it at the Kazoo shows or at Daydream Nation.

Here is a link to their myspace page, if you want more info or are thinking about submitting something yourself:

Kazine MySpace

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