Monday, June 30

If you want to silkscreen with florescent pink...

I've been making loads of t-shirts this past week, and have learned yet another valuable lesson about silk screening. I thought hot pink would look fab on black t-shirts. So I bought the Speedball florescent pink ink. To my dismay, it barely made a mark on the black cotton. I kept doing more and more layers, but to no avail. The design remained so faint as to almost be invisible.

I was close to giving up in exasperation, when I had a brainwave. What if I added some white to make the pink more opaque? The result was good. It made the pink a little more bubblegum and a little less florescent, but I'm happy. And the various layers effect turned out pretty cool as well.

These shirts and many more will be for sale at Art on the Street, July 19th downtown Guelph.

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