Sunday, August 31

Ironically, I forget to smoke pot...

The man and I just moved to a beautiful apartment. I couldn't be happier about it... really. It has everything we need... lots of light, a balcony, even a washer and dryer. Not to mention hard wood floors! I'll be taking some photos soon, cause it's that exciting for me. We came from a dismal, carpeted basement.

Nevertheless, moving is a stressful event. I'm finding myself very irritable and on edge. I had to come out to a public cafe to get online, and finally, as I'm sitting here goofing off, it occurs to me... why the hell haven't I smoked any weed for the past week? It's like I got so distracted by the move, by all the stuff I needed to do, I forgot that there was a nice easy way to chill the fuck out. I can avoid becoming a neurotic stressball. Forgetting about weed and its awesomeness has happened to me before. I always laugh at myself, because for me, weed is kind of like vitamins. Taking it regularily has a positive effect, but I will still foget to take it, especially it seems, when I need it the most. This essentially makes me an aspiring pothead. Hilarious.

As soon as I'm finished this coffee, I'm heading home for a nice plump bowl of pot and some Radiohead.

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senacia said...

heh heh.. when you smoke pot, you forget to blog though..

at least all I can do is drool and eat.. although I do get inspiration for new designs..

pot is a meditative thing for me. I like to think philosophically and sometimes become a little more intuitive.

anyhow, I quit smoking and damn, am I grouchy. :( lungs feel better though. *blah* work time for me.