Sunday, August 24

No Edge on Etsy

I'm just gonna say it... I am getting fed up with Etsy. It is overwhelming and discouraging sometimes. I spent loads of cash on silkscreens and shirts and prints, and haven't sold much of anything through Etsy. It makes me depressed sometimes. I thought that stationery and shirts would have a better chance of selling on Etsy than art prints, but my silk screened stuff is getting almost no views! Sorry to be so negative, but sometimes I just need to let it out. My patience is waning. Needless to say, I appreciate the hell out of all the awesome people who have purchased something from me. Without you how would I persevere? Anyways, I'm not giving up. I just needed to vent. I'm reading "The Tipping Point" right now... it's an interesting book about how trends, ideas, and diseases spread among populations. Hush Puppies for example, became a nation-wide craze all because a few hipsters in an isolated community of New York decided they were cool and started wearing them. Hopefully my Etsy shop will reach its tipping point and plummet into success. Or something like that.


senacia said...

okay.. so I KNOW etsy can be hard to get noticed in.. but, as you KNOW, I dont KNOW for myself. I haven't tried my shop out yet. nothing's for sale.

I do know however, that MANY MANY MANY people have told me over and over that you MUST advertise.. promote your shop.

Good gawd woman, you work in a LIBRARY! :) go and post an ad! :)

*snicker* yep, i talk as if i know you very well and you wont get offended. :) hopefully you dont!

go check my blog to see the thrifting I've done! and really, it's probably about a quarter of my haul.. I think I may have deeper problems.. :)

how's the move coming along?! love the new place yet?

Crystal Peel said...

I have pondered doing some intentional advertising. Broken Pencil offers space for ads... $100 for 4 issues. But I abhor advertising. This is my dilema. As far as the library goes, only non-profit and/or community events get space there. I'm just not a saleswoman!