Wednesday, March 18


My next big and exciting project was a costume! It's for an annual event at OCAD called "Undercover" and it's basically a fashion show/costume contest. I decided to make a tutu out of unconventional and dangerous materials. I did ballet for many years, and I wanted to express the masochistic side of this art form with my costume.

This is the pattern for the bodice, which will be corseted and made out of patern paper, which resembles skin. I made the pattern by wrapping duct tape around my torso and cutting it off.

This is aluminum mesh intended for screen doors. It will be filling out parts of the tutu.

This red wire will act as the bones of my corset.

I would never exclude broken mirror in such a project!

This mesh and chicken wire is bunched up to mimic the gathered tulle you normally see on a tutu. It's hard dangerous work bending this metal to my will!

Here's a piece of the tutu, with the chicken wire attached.

I'll also be making a birdcage veil, somehing like this.

Or maybe like this?

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