Sunday, March 29

Silk Screen Tutorial Part 1 - Shopping List

I'm afraind you're probably going to have to buy a lot of stuff, and you can't get all of it at the art store either. We'll start with what you can get at the art store...

*Silkscreen(s) - The cheapest one I've ever bought was $28. There are wood frames and metal frames. The wood frames are cheaper, but they warp over time. However, the screen can be replaced on the wood frames.
*Sqeegee - There are cheap plastic sqeegees and more fancy squeegees. Honestly, the cheap plastuc ones work fine.
*Photo emulsion, sensitizer, and emulsion remover - Diazo makes a kit with all three for $25.
*Silk screen ink or extender - The regular ink is about $10 a jar. The extender can be mixed with acrylic paint so that it is safe to use with a silk screen. I've never tried the extender myself.
*Hinge clamps - These will keep the screen in place as you work. They run around $30-35 for a set.
*Screen coater (optional) - One of these guys is also about $30-35, and strictly speaking you don't need one, but I highly recommend investing in one. Trying to spread the emmulsion with a sqeegee is a nightmare.
*Huge piece of acetate (optional) - This will be really handy to register your prints. If you're only doing one colour then it's not that helpful, but if you're doing 2 or more colors, I'd spend the $2. Plus they are reusable if you wash them off.
*Piece of glass or plexi-glass that will fit in your screen - My art supply store cut one for me. It was around $8 I think.

From the photo place:

*250 watt photo flood bulb - Less than $5!

From the hardware store:

*utility lamp - Preferably one that is mobile and one that can safely manage the 250 watts. *Masking tape

Grocery/Department/Thrift store:

*paper towels
*small bowl

Screen Coater.


All of these items will make more sense as we go through the process. So let's begin!

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