Wednesday, March 18

The Quilt... The Tears

The quilt came to a painful end I'm afraid. All was going well, until my sewing machine began breaking down and getting jambed every ten seconds! I even bent my nail back trying to open the damn thing up. I also planned to have the three panels as one piece, but I couldn't figure out how to turn the inward facing corners, and had to rip the quilt apart. It was an unreal series of unfortunate events. When I finally finished sewing the thing, I went to press it with the iron, which randomly spewed out mega heat and burned the central panel of my quilt. I replaced it with a non-quilted centre panel for good measure. What an epic!

My design plan, before I cut it up and ironed it on the strips of fabric.

One of the side panels. These ones turned out the best because the fabrics were easy to work with.

The burns! Can you believe this?

This is the replacement panel for the centrepiece... minus the quilting unfotunately.

At least I took a photo before I burned the thing.

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