Wednesday, March 25

Worst Day of the Month!

So I thought I'd post my photos from Undercover today because I'm trying to get in the mood to be creative. Instead, sadness stalks the land, because apparently I deleted the photos from my camera without putting them on my computer first. I have searched and searched all the folders and the recycle bin, and they are gone gone gone. And I am so so sad. I don't know how this happened, but there you go. I won't be able to re-take the photos of my classmates and peers who participated in Undercover, which really sucks. There were some amazing costumes there! I still have my costume of course, although it's a bit worse for wear after the commute home. I'll try to arrange a photo shoot, if someone is willing to help me out. But shit, you know? Shit! I do have this one photo that I happened to post on Facebook before the senile deletion occured. Unfortunately, all you can really see is the veil. But hey, that's something.

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